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Cannabis Accessories

When it comes to storage and curing solutions CVault is king. These cannabis accessories help with storage and curing. Without these accessories your stash and grow will never be the same. Browse our selection of accessories for head shops, cannabis dispensaries, cannabis growers and industry suppliers to help them with their cannabis selection and preserve and store freshness for the industry and the consumer.

Cannabis Accessories
Boveda Replacement Humidity Packs - 62% Boveda 67 Gram Pak

Everyone loves a little freshness. Some of that magic comes in the form of the Boveda Replacement Hu..


Cannabis Accessories
Humidity Pack 58% Humidity by Boveda 8 Gram Pack

Are you ready for the next level in freshness? Then, you'll be glad to know that CVault now offers t..


Cannabis Accessories
Humidity Packs - 10 Pack 58% Boveda 8 Gram

If you know about humidity packs, then you know Boveda is the official name in the best humidty pack..


Cannabis Accessories
Humidity Packs - 3 Pack Boveda 62% Humidity Packs - 320 Gram Pack Size

Looking for the best humidity packs? Then you've heard of Boveda Humidity Packs. These exclusive 320..


Cannabis Accessories
Boveda Replacement Humidity Packs - 62% Boveda 320 Gram Pack

Looking to keep your stash fresh for the long haul? These replacement 62% humidity packs are the bes..