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How Do You Keep Your Weed Fresh?

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How Do You Keep Your Weed Fresh?

How Do You Really Keep Your Weed Fresh?

No one wants crumbling, dried out, and lackluster medicine. So what do you do, to keep your weed as fresh as possible? What methods, and containers actually good for storing weed? Well, here at CVault we originally had the issue of keeping our weed in the "usual baggie" or cheapie storage jar. But Guess What? It didn't work. Those solutions were awful, and we decided to change the status quo. Therefore our solution to keep your weed fresh is the CVault.



So How Does The CVault Keep it Fresh?


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Truly simple really. Our containers make an airtight seal to prevent air drying out your product. But it doesn't stop there. We just don't want to keep it from drying out, but we want to sustain the weed inside the container. Therefore we scientifically engineered the container with the power of 2-way humidity. The Boveda packs that keep the relative humidity inside the container at the perfect rate for not only long term storage but also for curing and reviving weed that may not be of the best quality.



As you can see, the CVault allows you to keep your weed stash fresh no matter the external conditions. And with either a 58% humidity pack (or a 62% percent humidity), you can truly keep your weed fresh for months on end without any loss of freshness at a fraction of the cost of having to toss your old weed out.


So if you're ready to give yourself the ultimate weed storage container, then get yourself vaulted now.