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Stainless Steel Containers for Food Storage

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Stainless Steel Containers for Food Storage

See how CVault is also an excellent stainless steel container for food storage.

If you are one of the many people who try your best to make conscious decisions in contributing to the conservation of the environment, then you may have already considered shifting to stainless steel containers for food storage. But if you’re new to this move toward a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, don’t worry. We’ll help you take little but significant steps.


To begin, you can think about how you pack your snacks and lunches for school or work. You may already have numerous containers in your kitchen that you use, wash, and reuse the next day. You take pride in the fact that you’re not producing waste in your workplace or school. But what type of food containers do you use?


Why Plastic Containers are Not Good for You

Chances are you have a plastic container. It may be the one you’re using for your snacks and meals that you take with you. You may take pride in the fact that you’re no longer using sandwich bags or plastic wraps. But there are many reasons why plastic containers are not the solution to the problem of disposable waste.


Plastic containers can leach hazardous chemicals into the food that you put in it. It can get toxic and it may react to acidic food like tomatoes. It’s not enough that you choose a food container that is reusable and recyclable; you should also think about whether it’s good for your health or not. For a food container that is both good for your health and the environment, it’s best to consider using ones made of stainless steel.


Pros of Stainless Steel Containers for Food Storage

As the name suggests, stainless steel won’t have any problems about discoloration. With plastic containers, stains and discoloration will eventually be an issue. Maybe an issue that you’ll encounter with stainless steel is that it can get scratched but that’s just about it. For as long as you keep it well-maintained and clean, it will last for years.

It Won’t Break

Unlike glass or ceramic, steel is not fragile. If you ever drop your stainless steel container, it may have some dents. But as for chipping or shattering like glass or cracking like plastic, you won’t have to worry about those with your stainless steel food container. Stainless steel will remain strong even if you use and wash it every day.

It is Resistant to Bacterial Growth

Another reason to choose stainless steel over other materials for your food container is that it is hygienic. Steel is known to be resistant to bacterial growth. Stainless steel is non-porous and smooth so there’s no chance for bacteria to grow or contamination risks.


Odor won’t be a problem as well since stainless steel doesn’t smell. This is a common disadvantage of plastic containers. As food containers, stainless steel is ideal because it is leak-proof and airtight. It has silicone seals and locking clips to ensure that the contents won’t spill.

It Can Last for a Long Time

One little con of stainless steel is that it’s a bit more expensive to the plastic containers. Nevertheless, it is much more durable and can really last for years. When you invest in stainless steel food containers, you can be sure that your money is well spent because of the many advantages of using containers made of stainless steel. A plus is that you can even pass the containers down to your kids. You can never do that with plastic.

It can be Recycled Over and Over

Stainless steel is a very environmentally-friendly material because it is recyclable and sustainable. The products made of this material are most likely made up of recycled content. When the time comes that you don’t want your food container anymore, you can send it to a recycling center because they can recycle it endlessly. With plastic containers, they can only be recycled a number of times.

It is Non-Toxic

Many studies have shown that plastic food containers have toxins and that such chemicals get transferred into the food and eventually into our bodies. This can cause a number of health issues such as immune system suppression, reproductive problems, and cancer, to name a few. Stainless steel doesn’t have this kind of problem. It is very safe to use for food.


CVault Food Containers

Convinced of the many benefits of using stainless steel food containers? The next step would be to choose the best one which is CVault food containers. It has all the good qualities of a great stainless steel container mentioned here. CVault containers come in a variety of sizes so you can select ones that will fit your needs. It is not limited to storing food.


You can also store the herbs you use in the kitchen or even medicinal herbs. Using CVault containers will ensure that their quality will remain great even if you store them for some time. It will be the only food storage you’ll need as you can be sure that it will lasts for years to come.

Final Thoughts

It may take some time before you can fully rid your kitchen of plastic food containers. But that’s okay. The important thing is that you’ve already taken small steps to get there. Now that you know the many advantages of stainless steel, you’re more aware of what products to choose when you ever need to buy new food containers. Stainless steel containers for food storage are not only good for your health because they don’t have toxins, they are also good for the environment because of they can be recycled again and again.