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Dispensary owners and cannabis cultivators need to consider commercial CVaults if they're looking to significantly upgrade their curing setup. There's nothing worse than losing product because of an improper curing container. Commercial CVaults are ideal for businesses and personal growers who are dealing with large quantities of cannabis. When you're working with huge amounts of product, you can't afford to have any dry up.

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2 Liter Commercial CVault Humidor Curing Container w/Humidity Pack

Are you looking for a commercial curing container solution? This is our starter commercial humidor C..

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CVault Commercial Size Humidity Curing Container - 4 Liter

Another great freshness container thanks to CVault. This 4 Liter commercial size humidty retaining c..

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8 Liter Commercial CVault Humidity Curing Stainless Steel Container

One or our large Commercial CVault container sizes. Constructed of high quality food gra..