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Looking for the best curing containers for cannabis and other herbs? CVault is one of the number one solutions for people who want a high-quality curing container. If you're trying to properly jar cure cannabis for the first time, it's essential that you have patience, and that you follow those who have mastered the techniques. It doesn't hurt to use CVault either, and take away most of the legwork.

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2 Liter Commercial CVault Humidor Curing Container w/Humidity Pack

Are you looking for a commercial curing container solution? This is our starter commercial humidor C..

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Cannabis Container Large CVault

This CVault Humidor Storage container  is constructed of a premium food grade stainle..

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CVault Medium Humidity Controlled Storage Container

Everyone knows that the Cvault is the go-to storage container. Whether you are looking to store cann..

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Small Airtight Container - CVault Small Airtight Container w/Lid

Another great small airtight container by CVault. Constructed from food grade stainless steel, ..

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CVault Commercial Size Humidity Curing Container - 4 Liter

Another great freshness container thanks to CVault. This 4 Liter commercial size humidty retaining c..

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8 Liter Commercial CVault Humidity Curing Stainless Steel Container

One or our large Commercial CVault container sizes. Constructed of high quality food gra..