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Boveda packs are the number one solution for keeping your CVaults contents at optimal humidity levels. If you never want to worry about dried out cannabis ever again, then Boveda humidity packs, combined with CVaults built-in humidity pack holder are ideal. Simply place your cannabis and a Boveda pack within the CVault and then forget about it. Boveda replacement humidity packs can provide different amounts of relative humidity, either 58% or 62%.

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Boveda Replacement Humidity Packs - 62% Boveda 67 Gram Pak

Everyone loves a little freshness. Some of that magic comes in the form of the Boveda Replacement Hu..

Search - products tagged with
Replacement Humidity Pack by Boveda - 62% Humidity 8 Gram Pak

Do you need a replacement humidity pack for the greatest curing and humidor containment system in th..