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Professional Weed Storage Containers Package

Professional Weed Storage Containers Package

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For anyone that knows, they truly know that the CVault is the industry standard for professional weed storage. Our weed storage containers, are good for a variety of solutions for not only weed, but also growers, dispensaries, shops, and afficionados alike. So whether you are storing tobacco, herps, spices, cannabis, and so much more, you'll find out why the Cvault is the best storage container on the market. But not just for storing, but also for curing, and keeping all of your weed fresh and pliable.



So What Comes With Your Professional Weed Storage Containers Package?


- Package of 3 Pro Cvault 2 Liter Containers 

- Boveda Humidity Starter Pack for Each of the Containers

- Authentic & Offiicial 1 Year Direct Performance Guarantee



What Are My Weed Storage Containers Made Out Of?


- Quality Food Grade Stainless Steel 

- Machined High Performance Silicone Ring

- Welded Product Securing Latches


And that's not all, here's are some detailed specifics for your storage containers:


- The Interior Diameter: is 7" or 20 CM 

- The Depth / Height:     4" or 10 CM


- Average Capacity is  3 to 4 ounces 




These 2 liter sized  containers come with (1)  67 gram 62% Boveda humidity pack that attaches to the inside lid ensuring  both freshness and maximum space to contain product. If you are looking for more boveda replacement packs, they are sold separately.

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Question: Hello, Do you ship to ISRAEL? Jonathan [email protected]
By jbienenfe on September 22nd, 2017
Answer: Sorry we don't ship to Israel. However we do have distributors that are out there.

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