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Stash Can For Weed

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Stash Can For Weed

CVault is the perfect stash can for weed and the best solution for long term weed storage.

While it’s absolutely not its original intention, CVault actually makes an excellent stash can for weed. Hear us out. CVault’s don’t just contain a tiny storage compartment for weed, instead, the entire container is capable of holding marijuana, something you might not expect from an actual stash can. That's because typically only a part of the stash contains space for marijuana, a sort of hidden compartment. 

See, novelty stash cans for weed might make good gag gifts for friends to exchange, but when it comes to actually secretly stashing weed away, you can’t really get around the odor dilemma or the issue of space. Life is short, weed smells, and it’s best to use CVault if you need a stash can for weed. These are the three reliable constants in our crazy world.

Being Discreet
From fake Gillette shaving cans, Coke bottles, and Nesquik tins, there are tons of options when it comes to stash cans for weed. What is the intended purpose of these types of cans anyway? To make your weed stash incognito from the police? Do you know how many weed-stashes the police have found during their careers, why would putting your smelly buds in a fake soda can deter the police officer?

If you want to be incognito within reason, meaning you’re not going to be able to successfully hide your stash from the cops anyway, the laws being what they are in certain states.

Why not grab a stash can for weed that actually stores the weed properly for long periods of time? Additionally,  CVault’s appear completely ordinary, so they’ll probably stand out less than a less semi-convincing can of fake Pepsi designed to store weed.

Because they’re made from food-grade stainless steel CVault’s tend to blend into any kitchen setting with ease. Since they’re also airtight, they essentially are smell proof, though it’s hard to guarantee due to the intensity of some marijuana odor, weed’s smell being the all-permeating fragrance that it is.

Storing your weed in the dark might seem counter-intuitive if you’ve never had to store weed properly, but it’s absolutely the right move. Light is one of the fastest killers of weed, the fact that most weed lovers leave their stash in a plastic bag on the coffee table, typically in direct sunlight, is a disaster for most peoples stashes.

Outside light is a huge issue for most common stash cans for weed, especially on the aluminum styled ones. The material typically used on this novelty stash can’s for weed simply is not enough to keep out all sunlight. This may be ok if you’re only storing your weed for a week or so, but once a few months go by you’ll notice a significant difference in the weed stored with CVault vs the weed kept in any old stash can for weed.

Outside humidity and oxygen can degrade the potency of your weed more quickly than you think. With a quarter inch thick seal, CVault’s airtight seal is hard to beat. Its seal is made from silicone so that it ensures an airtight seal every time that doesn’t get worn out the more you open it.

This airtight seal ensures the proper levels of humidity at all times. No moisture is lost, and no new moisture can get in, so your weed stash stays at the perfect levels depending on the strength of Boveda humidity pack you’ve chosen to use.

Humidity Levels
With a slot for Boveda humidity packs, each CVault is capable of stashing weed at the perfect level of humidity in order to maintain optimal freshness. Too much humidity can lead to molding. If high humidity levels are mixed with equally high temperatures then your entire stash could quickly become a breeding ground for serious molding. 

If weed is stored at the proper temperature, but the incorrect humidity levels, this can be equally as harmful to the weed since it will likely be dried out in a matter of weeks, when it could have lasted for years, usually up to 4+ years to be more precise.  

Temperatures between 32° and 68° are best for keeping weed fresh. Any colder and the terpenes that are present on the outside of the weed can become brittle and actually break off. Any warmer and the weed can very quickly become moldy, especially in humid environments. Ingesting any amount of mold is extremely harsh on the lungs, which makes it 

In order to really store your cannabis at the perfect temperature and with the appropriate levels of moisture you’ll need CVault's airtight capabilities. Currently, CVault is the best curing and storage option for weed that is available today. CVault can also remain incognito in almost any kitchen setting or broom closet to its discreet construction. 

CVault is known for being airtight, discreet, and built tough but it also:
    • Provides 2 Way Humidity Control
    • Store weed longer
    • Enhance smoothness and taste

CVaults are designed to be used with Boveda humidity packs for maximum effectiveness.  This combination of an airtight storage container within a secretive enclosure makes CVault one of the best stash cans for weed. If you’re a marijuana lover, which if you’re reading this you definitely are, then you’ve got to keep your stash in pristine condition. 

CVault is an easy solution for curing cannabis as well, that’s because weed kept within it doesn’t lose any of its moisture, due to the consistent availability of humidity. Our containers are all constructed from food grade stainless steel, making them both airtight protected from exposure to light and humidity loss. In addition to being a stash can for weed, CVault also works perfectly as a humidor for tobacco, herbs, spice, and even fresh food and fruits if you like. 

Secret Stash Container That’s Airtight For Cannabis:
    • A quarter inch wide seal made of silicone ensures an airtight seal every time
    • Boveda® packs stay conveniently in the humidity pack holder with the CVault

Lastly, if you’re storing tons of weed, and you need multiple CVault containers, they’re designed with stack-ability in mind. This helps to maximize storage space, and if you’re not storing any cannabis at the moment, you can store smaller CVaults within larger ones. This might sound trivial to a few, but it’s actually great for any minimalists out there