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Airtight Stash Jars for Cannabis Storage

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Airtight Stash Jars for Cannabis Storage

CVault Is the truest airtight stash jar available thanks to its silicone seal and latch design.

Cannabis lovers underestimate the power of using an airtight stash jar when it comes to keeping their weed fresh. Even if you follow all of the other guidelines for storing cannabis, like not exposing it to light, air, extreme temperatures, or humidity it can still be detrimental to the life of your cannabis if excess oxygen is getting to the buds.


Understanding How to Store Cannabis

Are you aware that the ancient Egyptians stored their herbs in violet glass containers to shield their precious natural valuables from the harmful effects of the sun on long term storage. It’s crazy to think that modern humans are still capable of making mistakes that ancient Egyptians understood... alright that’s a little dramatic, but we just wanted you to remember!


So, there’s four key elements to understand when it comes to cannabis storage, the first and one of the most important aspects is temperature. Your cannabis is best stored at temperatures ranging from 32° to 68°, in this range the cannabis stays in its optimal state retaining the appropriate level of humidity without growing mold.


Any warmer than this temperature range, and you run the risk of discovering moldy cannabis when you return to your stash, any colder than this range, and you run the risk of losing THC potency as the trichomes on your cannabis become brittle and break off due to weakness.



It’s not always obvious which stash jars are airtight, and which are pretending to be. Just because a stash jar appears to have a decent seal when you close it, does not mean it’s truly airtight. CVault’s measurable airtightness keeps your cannabis as fresh as possible, assuming you’re storing it at the correct temperature and humidity.


There are several competitors of CVault who claim to be airtight, but actually lack a true seal because they’re either made from glass, or another material besides kitchen grade stainless steel. Additionally most supposedly airtight stash jars focus more on presentation and novelty rather than focusing on true sealing.



Which brings us to our next point, airtight stash jars should be dark, not see-through. CVault’s food-grade storage container is constructed from stainless steel, simply put, it allows no light in. Once you put your cannabis in the Cvault, coupled with a Boveda humidity pack, then you can literally set it down and forget it until you need to access your stash again.


Many cannabis users don’t have this luxury when it comes to cannabis storage. They may return to their stash to find nothing bud dried buds, or worse, moldy buds that can actually be harmful if ingested.



With most airtight stash jars you’re forced to store your cannabis in the closet, because they’re typically novelty “peace sign” style mason jars that claim to be airtight. Anyways, these novelty airtight jars end up being secretive because cannabis users must store them in the depths of their cabinets in order to avoid exposure to light.


The great thing about the true airtight and dark nature of the CVault, it that it looks like any old kitchen container, which makes them especially ideally for storing weed in your kitchen, closet, or even out on the countertop if you really wanted to.


Smell proof

Can any stash jar claim to be 100% smell proof when it comes to cannabis storage? Well, probably not, but it’s important to try and at least tame the smell somewhat if you’re investing in a cannabis container expecting it to secretly stash your cannabis hoard.


If you want a truly secret stash, you obviously need at least some component of smell proofing for your container. Cvault provides cannabis with the best cannabis storage and curing solution available. Combined with the power of the Boveda humidity packs, your cannabis will retain the optimal levels of moisture for the dankest and freshest cannabis every time you bust out some of your cannabis stash.


CVault is actually constructed from food-grade stainless steel after all, making it among the toughest, most resilient airtight stash jars for cannabis storage available.



Being discrete is usually the best case scenario for most of life’s happenings, but that sentiment is especially true for secret weed stash jars. What’s even the point of keeping a secret stash jar if it’s not, you know, secretive? The CVault is made from stainless steel so it appears completely at home in any kitchen cabinet next to your pots and pans.


We get it, if you’ve got kids, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren running around your house you can’t really keep them out of your stuff, unless your stash is fully incognito. That’s the greatest part about CVault stainless steel construction, because it appears at ease in any kitchen container collection, which makes it less appealing to a child’s imagination while they generally get into stuff around the house.


CVault Personal & Dispensary Cannabis Storage Containers

CVault makes a variety of cannabis storage containers ranging in size from extremely personal stashes to full-sized dispensary storage containers.


Constructed from a food grade stainless steel, CVault is one of the best humidor storage containers for weed, tobacco, or even fresh herbs and spices. CVault remains lightweight while remaining both airtight and impervious to outside light.


Air Tight Container Design Secures Your Cannabis:

¼ inch wide silicone seal to ensure an airtight seal.

Humidity Pack holder is specifically designed to hold your Boveda® pak.


If you’re a minimalist or tight on space, CVault is perfect because the containers are designed with stack-ability in mind. You can store and cure more marijuana than ever before by switching to CVault cannabis storage containers. Additionally the new and improved latch design provides a true and airtight seal that locks in the freshness of anything you want to store in your CVault.