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Secret Weed Containers

Published In: CVault News

Secret Weed Containers

The Secret is Out. It's No Secret That These Containers Are Classy.

We are in a day and age, that sometimes the secret is out. But that still doesn't mean you want to brandish your stash. So you are going to need some secret weed containers. But what container is the best? Which ones will keep your stash fresh and for the long haul? How do you keep your weed fresh?


Well, if you are looking for both freshness and convenience out of your container, then you've come to the right place. As the CVault supports the best of both worlds. Enabling you to create a secret weed container, and the ability to store for a long time without losing the essence it has.


The absolute best size weed stash container for you to "keep it a secret" is the extra small Cvault, as it fits nicely in your pocket, locks in odors, and can keep it fresh for months on end. All while looking just like another small compact container that is sleek, sexy and works. So give one a try, and find out why we are the world's best kept secret container in the world of weed storage containers.