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Weed Container: CVault is No Ordinary Weed Container

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Weed Container: CVault is No Ordinary Weed Container

CVault is No Ordinary Weed Container, Just See For Yourself.

How do you store your stash? If you’ve been storing it in a plastic bag, then we’ve got some bad news for you. It won’t be long and your weed will be useless and wasted. The precious buds will degrade and dry up. Keeping your stash in a good weed container is vital if you want it to last long. In this post, we’ll discuss about various containers for your stash and find out the best one which is no ordinary weed container.


You Should Really Stop Using Plastic

Before we discuss about the different weed containers, let’s first focus on this problem of using plastic for storing your stash. Plastic containers have a static charge. This means it can affect the trichomes which makes cannabis potent. If you still have some stash in plastic containers, immediately remove them. Whether it’s a plastic bag, medicine jar, or anything made of plastic, remove the weed from those containers. 


You Can Use Glass Instead

Glass is a good container for cannabis. It doesn’t have any static charge so it won’t be affecting the trichomes of the weed. Glass containers are also airtight so your stash is protected from oxidization. However, as much as glass is great and all, it does have a weakness. Glass can’t protect your stash from UV lights. Light will affect the THC of cannabis. This is what gives you that high. You can wrap your glass jars and store them in a dark place but this can be a hassle.


CVault: No Ordinary Weed Container

CVault containers are made of stainless steel. This material is great for food, herbs, and yes, cannabis. It doesn’t affect the taste or the quality of whatever it is you’ll store in it. The containers from CVault are also airtight and it won’t let light in so you’re sure that your stash is well-protected from the elements.


CVault containers are also dishwasher-safe so cleaning them won’t be a chore. There are various sizes ranging from personal containers to the Mega CVault where you can put about a kilogram of dried cannabis buds. You can have several containers from CVault so you can store different strains separately. You can just stack them one on top of the other and they’d look clean and organized. For sure, you’d love looking at them. This is, of course, if you live alone and don’t have to hide your stash from anyone.


What to Use for Short-Term Storage

There are times when you can’t prevent using plastic containers. During such instances, there are ways to lessen the damage. Here are some of the ways that you can do this.


Using Parchment Paper

Get some parchment paper so that you can wrap your cannabis before you put them inside the plastic container. With this, you also get to have a surface where you can break apart the nugs or where you can roll your joints. It is also convenient for storing sugar wax, live resin, rosin, and shatter. Just remember to use parchment paper to protect your cannabis from the static charge of the plastic container.


Using Foil

Foil is something that you may already have in your kitchen. When you wrap your stash in foil, you can protect it from air, heat, and light. Use this instead of placing your cannabis in a plastic bag. Foil is good but you should only use this for a short period of storing. The cannabis wrapped in foil may last for a number of weeks. Do take note that you shouldn’t place it in your fridge and don’t open it too often.


Using a Humidor

With cigars, 70% of humidity is needed to keep its quality. For cannabis, it’s lesser at around 50% to 65%. If you have a humidor, keep in mind that you can’t put your cigar and your cannabis together. This will greatly affect their flavors. You have to choose one, or better yet, get separate humidors for different uses.


Using Paper

These are some of the types of paper that you can use: paper towels, printer papers, or clean napkins. You can wrap your cannabis in paper but before you do, you have to soften it first. Do this by crunching the paper before you use it for wrapping. It will also allow folding it much easier. While cling wrap or plastic bags may seem easier to use, do avoid using them altogether.


Don’t Put Your Stash in the Fridge

If your idea of a dark and cool place is the fridge, then you’re wrong. Don’t do this or you’ll just waste your stash. The humidity and temperature of the fridge fluctuates. This is not good for cannabis. And if you put your stash it the freezer, it will make the trichomes of the cannabis brittle. This breaks them or makes them fall off. You’ll be left with a useless stash that gives no effect when used.


Final Thoughts

Storing cannabis is not that difficult. You just have to know which container is the best one to use. CVault is an effective stash container because it can protect your cannabis from the elements such as light, air, and moisture. CVault is no ordinary weed container. You can rest easy knowing that you can store your stash for months and the quality won’t change. It will still be smooth to smoke and you will get that feel-good effect each time.