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Best Weed Containers

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Best Weed Containers

Info on The Best Weed Containers Available

Whether you’re looking for a personal secret weed container, or you’re looking to upgrade your dispensary containers, CVault offers the best weed containers available for every situation. CVault's kitchen-grade stainless steel construction combined with an airtight seal and humidity pack make it the perfect solution for curing and storing weed.


We believe the best weed container should truly be no ordinary weed container. This container should be discreet, airtight, and built to last. Combine that concept with the optimal humidity levels and you’ve got a recipe for consistently fresh weed.


Proper Weed Storage

One of the most important aspects of proper weed storage is relative humidity levels inside the container. The optimal humidity level for a weed container is between 55% to 62%, anything less than that will make your weed dry out. Anything more than that could lead to moldy weed.

As far as materials go when you’re comparing glass, wood, and metal, it’s metal that has the strongest weed storage capabilities. CVault’s metal containers retain humidity, are airtight, and maintain weed THC levels overtime better than any other material.

Some people choose to store their weed in airtight mason jars tucked into a dark cupboard. The problem with this method is the overall effectiveness of the mason jar’s airtight seal compared to a proper CVault.


Improper Weed Storage

Using the wrong container for your weed is disastrous for your bud’s THC levels. The problem is, weed dries out very quickly, so you have to be aware of proper weed storage before you try and start a large weed stash or buy too much and store it improperly.

·Plastic Bags

Plastic zip lock bags don’t exactly seal in the freshness when it comes to weed storage. The lack of an airtight seal and exposure to sunlight, combined with the static of the plastic is a total disaster. The static from the plastic bag will even pull off cannabinoid containing trichomes from your weed, decimating THC levels.

Plastic bags are by far the worst weed container you can choose for weed storage if you value your flower. Don’t let static charge caused by plastic baggies dry out your precious trichomes, those are the little hairs that carry most of the THC.


·Plastic Containers

No matter what you do, plastic containers will eventually leak some of their harmful chemicals into the weed. That’s especially true if you want to store the weed for the long-term. The other issues are the lack of an airtight seal and exposure to light.

                  Plastic containers, or plastic bags, should be avoided altogether as weed containers.


·Freezer or Fridge

It’s important to mention that you should never store weed in the freezer like you would some other types of greens. The frigidly cold temperatures will actually cause the trichomes to break off because they will become so utterly dry. Interestingly enough, storing weed in your freezer will actually make the weed tasteless too because so much of the trichomes will have died off.


·Wooden Boxes

The biggest problem with using a wooden box as a weed container is the lack of an airtight seal. Wooden boxes may keep weed fresher for longer than a plastic container, or plastic bag, but it’s not a serious upgrade either.


·Tin Cans

Tin cans are another option that some people choose, but it’s really a terrible solution for storing weed. Tin cans lack an airtight seal which allows too much oxygen inside the weed container. Too much oxygen destroys the THC levels over time. Also, without any elements of humidity, your weed will inevitably dry out over time.


  • Glass Jars
    When it comes to storing weed the majority of people will just throw their stash into a glass jar. The problem with this method is exposure to sunlight and lack of a completely airtight seal.


Rejuvenate Your Weed

If you’ve never had your weed stash dry out, then you might not be aware of how quickly the whole process can take place. Left in the sunlight, inside a plastic bag, and especially with no humidity element, your weed will be dry in just a few day's time.

After that happens just once, that’s usually when customers begin seeking the best weed containers for storing and curing marijuana. It’s nice to find out that the solution to rejuvenate dried weed is actually a simple one. CVault is the best solution for any weed users who want to rejuvenate dried weed and need a well-designed weed container for storage.



If you’ve got a weed stash that has just started to dry out, one of the best things you can do is place it immediately into a CVault with the proper Humidipaks. You’ll be surprised how much your dry weed can be rejuvenated if given the chance to recover in the best weed container. 

In approximately 3-4 days you should begin to notice that applying humidity to dry weed can actually restore the texture and weight the weed once had. Having properly moist weed, which will appear squishy, and sticky but firm, allows for a more consistent high and smoother hits during smoking.

So if you have a weed stash that has just started to dry out, or your weed just doesn’t taste right anymore, then you can use a CVault to potentially bring it back to life.


Humidity Packs

We have several Boveda humidity control packs for sale. You can choose either the 58% humidity packs or the 62% depending on the amount of humidity you’re looking for and the size of your personal stash.

It’s not enough to just have the best weed container, you have to use humidity packs too, or your weed will eventually dry out.

You can buy as little as 1 humidity pack, or up to 10 humidity packs at a time for more serious stashes.


The Best Weed Container

As we’ve discussed so far, the best weed container is an airtight, dark, and humid environment. CVaults weed containers are designed from these fundamental understandings of what maintains the most THC levels in your weed.

That’s what makes CVault the best weed container for curing and storing your weed.

We also understand that not everyone likes to show off their weed stash. That is what’s nice about the CVault because it appears right at home in any kitchen thanks to its food-grade stainless steel design. You can easily store your weed in one of the best weed containers available. Store CVault conveniently in your cupboard, right next to your pots and pans, and no one will even know it’s your weed container.


Consider the extra small personal CVault if you only need to keep a small stash, it’s perfect for storing small amounts of weed nonchalantly in the best weed container possible.


CVault Models

Whether you own a dispensary, or you need a powerful personal weed stash, the CVault is the best weed container period. Our commercial containers range from 2 liters all the way up to 21 liters for dispensary owners who are serious about storing their weed. Once you start using CVaults you’ll discover that they’re the next logical step for the evolution of your dispensary.

Personal CVaults sizes range from x-small to large, and when paired with the right humidity packs, these are hands down the best weed containers for personal stashes.


Try CVault

Now you know better than to store your weed in any old container you’ve got lying around. Your weed is going to last a lot longer once you commit to CVault’s proper storage techniques. CVault is the best weed stash container you can get for personal or commercial stashes because it simply makes it easy to store your weed the right way.