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Cannabis Containers

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Cannabis Containers

CVault is designed to be the absolute best cannabis container on the market

Do you want to raise the bar when it comes to your cannabis storage habits? Then it’s vital to start using a proper cannabis container. Instead of just using your roommate's mason jar for another month, why not try an actual cannabis container like CVault?

Choosing the best weed container is a no-brainer once you’ve tried CVault. There’s a reason why CVault’s cannabis containers have been voted the best storage containers by High Times, Weedist, Ganjily, and The Weed Tube. These trusted cannabis publications all agree that CVault delivers exactly what it promises.

Our cannabis containers are simply the best weed storage containers available today.

Whether you need CVault for commercial or personal usage, we’ve always got a selection of cannabis containers in stock for every situation and quantity of marijuana. It’s very relaxing when you have peace of mind over whether or not your weed is being stored efficiently.


Storing Cannabis Long-term

So let’s talk about storing cannabis for really long periods of time. When it comes to keeping cannabis for the long haul, meaning 6 months to years then you’re going to need the proper cannabis containers.

Luckily, CVault is designed to be the absolute best cannabis container on the market for storing cannabis long-term. In addition to being airtight, and optimized for Boveda humidity packs, CVaults are also designed with stack-ability in mind so you can purchase multiple units and separate strains compactly.

Many cannabis lovers will just store their cannabis in Ziploc bags, but the problem with this method is exposure to light and lack of a proper seal. Because there’s so much exposure to light, and it’s not airtight, the cannabis will inevitably lose a significant amount of its potency over a short period of time.

Plus, the THC crystals and other resin will stick to the sides of the plastic bag because of static. So if you choose to store your cannabis in a container like this, you’ll definitely notice a major decrease in its effectiveness. CVault’s cannabis containers will keep your cannabis fresh longer and can even restore dried out cannabis after a few days of exposure to humidity.


Storage for Dispensaries

Everything we've mentioned so far in regards to cannabis storage is especially true if you're operating a dispensary. It might seem like a good idea to place all of your product inside glass mason jars so that your customers can easily see everything. However, this is not the case, and you need to keep your weed in a dark and airtight environment.

Every time you’re popping open that container to show a customer, you’re losing some of the potency and effectiveness of the weed to oxygenation. Do your dispensary business a favor and just switch to using dispensary sized CVaults for storing and displaying all of your cannabis product. Your customers will thank you when they notice how much more potent your strains are than the competitions.


Weed Storage Studies

Studies have proven that cannabis retains a higher cannabinoid and terpene content when a specific range of moisture between 58% to 62% is present for a prolonged period of time. Essentially if you store your cannabis in the best cannabis container possible, it’s going to lead to a more robust flavor and a better high.

The best long-term weed storage method is actually a heavily researched subject. Believe it or not, a 1975 study conducted by J.W. Fairbairn, J.A. Liebmann, and M.G. Rowan from the University of London School of Pharmacy figured out the best way to store weed. Airtight seals, and avoiding exposure to light combined with the correct humidity levels was the key takeaway.

As part of the study, cannabis was required to be stored at room temperature in a dark and sealed container. The study concluded after storing marijuana in varying conditions for two years. Researchers observed massive changes in THC potency depending on the humidity levels, amount of light exposure, and temperature.


Serious about Cannabis Containers

We don’t just claim to have the best cannabis containers around, we’ve also proven it with science. The key to our storage technique is in the use of Boveda humidity control packs. These little packs keep the internal container’s humidity level around or just under 62%.

In our own scientific study, plant material that was kept inside the CVault lost almost no THC levels at all over the course of 160 days. That’s almost half a year, just imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing your cannabis will still be as fresh 6 months from now as it is today.

No THC loss was observed to have occurred during the entire trial. So if you’re serious about medical marijuana storage, then the CVault is the best cannabis container on the market.


Cannabis Storage Misconceptions

Storing cannabis in various conditions caused many different measurable outcomes.

If you try to store cannabis in a well-lit room dry room, then you’re going to find out that it will dry out much faster than you hoped.

If you try to store cannabis in an airtight jar in your fridge, as some stoners have suggested, then you'll find out your weed is not very potent anymore.

The point is, cannabis is very sensitive to its environment. By storing cannabis in the best cannabis containers available, you’ll simply be getting the most out of your stash.

Many cannabis users try to simply store their cannabis in Ziploc baggies, or kitchen grade containers, but this will not be an effective enough solution for drying cannabis. A true cannabis container needs to be airtight within a humidity controlled environment.


Using Boveda Packs

The CVault was designed with Boveda packs in mind. You can simply place the recommended Boveda humidity pack for your container’s size into the CVault, and it will keep your cannabis at the perfect humidity levels while in storage.

Check out our blog for a full guide on how to use Boveda packs.

If you’re still putting your precious weed in any old jar or shoebox you've got lying around, then it's time to stop. Marijuana is not exactly cheap, so why waste any of your weeds effectiveness by storing it improperly.


Secretive Weed Container

A nice bonus of CVault is its casual appearance. Depending on your situation, you may want the CVault to appear as nonchalantly as possible in your home. Because of CVault’s food-grade storage foundation, it appears right at home in any kitchen setting. You can keep your cannabis right next to your cooking pots, or tucked away in a cabinet out of reach.

That way you don’t have to have your cannabis on display, and you can just use a more secretive weed stash containers if you want.


Try CVault for Yourself

CVaults keep out air and light to maximize the effectiveness and potency of your marijuana over time. CVaults are made from stainless steel and are designed as food-grade storage containers that are available in a variety of sizes. CVaults are extremely sturdy and the clamps will help

CVaults come in extra small, small, medium, and large formats to hold almost any amount of personal cannabis. Cannabis dries out very quickly, especially if you live in a drier climate. In the winter time especially, your cannabis will become dry in a week or less if you’re not properly storing it in a cannabis container.

If you’re tired of wasting cannabis because you’re currently using mason jars or plastic baggies, then it’s time to try CVault today. Don’t lose any THC ever again by storing your cannabis in the most optimal condition possible. Dark, slightly humid, and airtight is the only way to keep cannabis in a container properly.