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How to Use Boveda Packs

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How to Use Boveda Packs

The Only Right Way to Use Boveda Packs

So whether you enjoy CBD oil, shatter, or you're a connoisseur and an original "flower fan", who doesn't like keeping weed fresh? And what better way to do it than using a Boveda pack? But do you really know how to use Boveda packs? Well, if you have stumbled here for the first time, we will be glad to tell you the right way to do it.



The CVault Was Specifically Designed To Work The Best with Boveda Packs


The ultra-high food grade Stainless Steel container has an airtight seal that makes the effectiveness of Boveda Packs a 1000% more effective than any other type of storage product in the world. And it's super easy to use. Literally, you just pick up the recommended size pack for your CVault container and insert under the lid in the designated holder that enables the Boveda Humidipak to essentially permeate its 2-way humidity throughout the container. Whether you are using 62% humidity packs or even 58% humidity packs, you'll know you have the best weed storage solution to keep just enough moisture in, and the dry hot air out.


Just don't take our word for it. Watch below as someone compares standard issue jars to the CVault container and as they show how to use the Boveda packs with their respective sizes.



As you can see, this is just one use for Boveda Packs with the CVault. However, you can do so much more with it. From storing your tobacco and even keeping your herbs fresh, you can literally experience the difference using this container with this Humidpak. And with the specifically formulated "humidity percentage" Boveda pack, now you can cure and store how you want to.